Training Overview

Qualifying Training
Training Overview

The "Qualified Worker : Aluminum Joinery, Wood" is a professional who :
  • carry out outdoor and indoor wooden joinery tasks,
  • paticipates in the installation of door hardware, windows, furniture, and other tasks
  • assembling shop aluminum frames,
  • set up the aluminum frames in construction sites.

After the training, the laureate will be able to execute the following activities:
  • The Woodcraft
  • Read blueprints
  • Choose wood
  • Prepare the wood sawing and finishing of wood
  • Trace the wood
  • Form the wood
  • Assemble and mount the wood
  • Ensure the finishing stage
  • Install works hardware.
  • Aluminum work
  • Use measuring instruments and marking
  • Interpret sketches and simple production plans
  • Execute section cutting operations
  • Execute manual machinery and through machines
  • Make the frame assemblies and volume sockets
  • Install the rotation and closures.
Age Restriction: 30 years old
School level required:
  • 3rd year of college education
  • Diploma in Art metalwork (Specialization level )
  • Degree Specialization in the construction industry.

  • Qualities and skills the candidate must have:
  • Good dexterity
  • Meticulousness
  • Creative Spirit

  • Training Selection Methods:
  • Guidance form to fill out
  • Admission tests
  • The training is modular, and assessments are carried out as follows:
    • continuous controls;
    • Module endofyear examination;
    • End of training examination.
    After a few years of experience, and after demonstrating his skills, the Qualified Worker carpentry Aluminum, Wood will be entrusted with greater responsibilities. He can work as a team leader or head of workshop, just as he can create his own company.

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