Training Overview

Degree Training
Training Overview

The Skilled Technician Big Works is a professional to direct, plan, manage and control building work or for construction sites which he is responsible.

After the training, the laureate will be able to execute the following activities:

  • Negotiate with the client and sub contractors the technical and financial conditions of the construction site
  • Carry on time, all the administrative steps prior to the launch of the construction site
  • Make technical standard market choice, in consultation with the chief engineer and the engineering
  • Establish loads the works
  • Make the Selection of materials, equipment and implementation process in accordance with customer requirements
  • Order supplies, provision of services, materials for the construction site
  • Go for works contracts to subcontracting companies
  • Carry implantation thereof
  • scheduling, manage and coordinate the work of businesses
  • Carry technical controls TCE work during execution
  • Carry or to Execute readings promoted and consumption
  • Manage costs of a building site.

Age Restriction: 30 years old for Baccalaureate and Bachelor holders
School level required: Diploma or Baccalaureate in Science TechniquePhysical aptitudes:   

  • Good visual and auditory senses   
  • Excellent manual skills   
  • No heart disease or epilepsy   
  • No vertigoTraining selection methods:   
  • Preselection   
  • interview after preselection.

   The training is modular, and assessments are carried out as follows:

  • continuous Controls;
  • Culminating examinations;
  • passing examinations;
  • End of training examination.

The Skilled Technician Big Works can be required in construction and public works companies. After a few years of experience and after demonstrating his skills and professional qualifications, the Skilled Technician Big Works will be entrusted with greater responsibilities in terms of autonomy and management of the technical problems in its operations.

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