Training Overview

Qualifying Training
Training Overview

The Preschool Educator have the primary responsibility for supporting and monitoring children in order to help children acquire different skills such as: psychomotor skills, language, communication etc.This function requires Preschool Educator to have a listening attitude towards children and their families. This results in creating a positive atmosphere and helps promoting physical development, cognitive, and improving social-emotional attitude, while accompanying them exploring their environment.The candidates who would like to pursue a career in preschool teaching must show a great interest to the education and the overall development process of the child.

The training is intended to enable the laureate to acquire be familiar withledge, teaching skills and practical tools related to this field.This program aims at enabling the laureate to develop abilities to host, monitor and guide a group of children in their process of development and learning.After the training, the laureate will be able to execute the following activities:
  • Host and support of the young child and his family
  • Organization of the working environment
  • Development of educational projects for the benefit of preschool children
  • Planning and organizing educational activities
  • Implementation of educational activities towards the young child
  • Administrative management
  • Business Communication
  • Integration of information technology and communication in the field of preschool
  • Evaluation of the progress of learning in children.

School level required:
  • Laureate at different levels (Skilled Technician in both sectors: Social Fields and Tertiary services)
  • Baccalaureatein Languages and Humanities
  • Academic Studies Diploma in Languages and Humanities : 2nd year of a Baccalaureatehelor
Training Selection Methods:
  • According to the selection code in force : OFPPT
  • During the training program, the modules are evaluated by continuous controls upon their completionAfter the training program, a review is organised, following which a certificate is issued to successful candidates.
    The Preschool Educator operates in different educational structures:
    • Public,
    • Semipublic,
    • Private,
    • NGOs
    • Personnal project …

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