Training Overview

Qualifying Training
Training Overview

The function of the "Department Head" retail requires versatile skills, that is related to managing a line. This covers several aspects:
  • Manage the line: negotiate with suppliers, ensure the supply line, manage inventory, organise and promote the products, optimize resources while developing profitable products.
  • Manage effectively his team .
  • Implement necessary actions to meet the expectations of customers and ensure their satisfaction.

The training is intended to enable the laureate to acquire the skills to, among other things:
  • Master the world of retail
  • Master the marketing supermarkets
  • Master the reception and customer relations
  • Master negotiation skills
  • Master flow management, inventory and profitability
  • Master the techniques of merchandising
  • Understand the organization of time and activities
  • Master team management.

School level required: Baccalaureate degree in addition to 2 years of training or equivalent in the following areas:
  • Management and economy
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Management
  • French law
  • Accounting
  • International trade
  • Disciplines other than those mentioned above, on condition to match the qualification to this training.

Qualities and skills the candidate must have:
  • Basic Familiarity with French
  • Good presentation
  • Sufficient Familiarity with office automation tools
  • The success of the modules is subject to succeeding examinations carried out by OFPPT.As the usual practice for degree cycles, the overall success of the training is subject to obtaining a higher average or equal to 10/20. For this purpose, the candidate has to avoid an elimination pass mark that is associated with:
    • the score of the one of the modules, less than 07/20;
    • the average score of the commun core less than 08/20;
    • the average score of the specialization of less than 09/20;
    • the average score of the report or supervised project less than 10/20.
    The laureates of this training are predestined as a priority to jobs in department manager duties with the major retailers and specialty stores. The acquired skills will also allow them to work with the various stakeholders in the distribution sector in Morocco or to change the industry while capitalizing on their cross-disciplinary skills.After a short phase of adaptation to workstations, primarily designed to master specific procedures and information systems to their employers, the laureates will be able to efficiently execute the whole activities assigned to them.

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