Training Overview

Qualifying Training
Training Overview

This training aims at training "technicians in heavy equipment maintenance and industrial vehicles", to effectively carry out operations within public works material dealers, and companies using construction equipment.

After the training, the laureate will be able to run the operations and the following activities:
  • Maintenance and equipment performance checking
  • Intervention, diagnosis, Repérer, adjustments according to predefined methodologies
  • Communication with the company departments and with external partners.
Age Restriction: 20 to 35 yearsHold a degree:   
  • Technician Repérer of machinery Motor   
  • Skilled Technician in maintenance of construction machinery   
  • Skilled Technician in Diagnosis and Embedded Electronics   
  • Skilled Technician in Electromechanical Systems Automated   
  • Another diploma relevant to the job   
  • Or have relevant professional experience of at least two yearsHave good proficiency of French.

  • Training Selection Methods:
    The selection follows a process including a application review, written test, practical test and an interview with a selection board. This committee is consisting of professionals, and representatives of organizations in connection with AGEVEC training.

    The training program of Heavy Equipment and Vehicles Maintenance Technicians (qualifying training) is spread over 1464 hours

    Modules :

    • Intervention reports in French
    • Communication soft skills  
    • Technical English
    • Industrial Design - reading schematic drawings
    • Knowledge of heavy machinery
    • Simulators and introduction to machinery driving
    • Safety while using heavy machinery
    • Machinery technology, Theoretical heavy machinery
    • Maintenance, Diagnosis, and diesel electronic engine repair
    • Maintenance, Diagnosis, and transmission repair
    • Maintenance, Diagnosis, and hydraulic circuits repair
    • Electric and electronic circuits repair
    • Job search techniques
    • Internship
    Each of the 13 modules is validated by the success of the continuous control (at least one score per module) and a final culminating examinations.The validation of the training is subject to a succeeding a final examination, that concerns all the modules. This examinations is carried out at the end of the course and with the presence of professionals.The training is attested by a certificate of achievement, which is dependent on the goals set.
    The "Heavy Construction Equipment and industrial vehicles Maintenance Technician "(skills training) operates in equipment maintenance. The main sectors that are likely to call for his skills:
    • Manufacturers and distributors of heavy equipment and industrial vehicles;
    • Heavy equipment and industrial vehicles rental companies;
    • Service or maintenance of heavy equipment companies;
    • Companies using vehicles and industrial vehicles, operating in construction, mining and quarrying industry such as cement and transport services.

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