Training Overview

Qualifying Training
Training Overview

The "Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Class "A" is responsible for the inspection of equipment and his maintenance; he controls the various mechanical parts, conducts a diagnosis, and replaces worn or defective parts.Being versatile, the "Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Class "A" may be need to work on other parts of an aircraft, as those on which he usually works. He must always proceed carefully, never losing his sense of observation. The assembly and disassembly, as a replacement of a part, also requires a strict methodology.

After the training, the laureate will be able to execute the following activities:

  • read and interpret all documents relating to the maintenance of aircraft and aircraft components (ESM, CMM, SRM, FIM, SCHEMATIC, CHECK LIST JOB CARD, DDM, etc.)
  • carry out visual inspections depending on all documents referring to CHECKLIST JOBCARD, etc.
  • Execute all standard equipment exchange operations and/or aircraft component with all the terms of safety and testing that this implies.
  • Pilot tests to find minor faults and take the resulting renormalization actions
  • Execute all maintenance operations under the responsibility of a TMA higher classes (B or C)
  • Make and target documents related to the whole work done autonomously these assignments concern both basic and Online maintenance. They also cover the ability to autonomously ensure the '' VJ / Online '' (daily tour).

Admission is open by competition for candidates from Applied Technology Higher Institutes (ISTA). The final selection of candidates is based on a three step process:1) Preselection choosing the applicants wh- meet the prerequisite training, namely:Aged up to 25 (the day of the contest)

  • acceptable academic performance, including a satisfactory disciplinary record

2) writing contest for assessment of academic skills, including five events:

  • Mathematics Test
  • Physics Test
  • Proof of French
  • Proof of English
  • Construction Technology Event.

Depending on the needs of sponsors and results, candidates are selected by merit ranking, depending on vanacncies. In each round a mark equal to or upper than 05/20 is required.3) noNodirective interviewThe interview is conducted by a committee of experts, including the head of TMA formation, potentially representative of the sponsoring organization, and other collaborators.The successful candidates are those wh- passed the assessment sections below:

  • Passion for the job,
  • Communication skills (interview being conducted in French)
  • Intellectual and reasoning approach (analytical and synthetic)
  • General knowledge and technical knowledge,
  • Emotional balance and intellectual rigor,

The allowed candidates to follow the TMA training must pass all stages of evaluation of the selection competition.Regarding foreign candidates wishing to enroll to TMA training, an equivalence should be made between the prerequisites defined above and the actual level of the candidates based on the documents provided. In case of any doubt regarding the candidate's profile, a specific assessment has to be driven concerning the matters in question.At all events, duly filled individual sheets shall be established, consisting of the age of the candidates, their educational level, their professional experience, their performance in the competition, as well as the Review Board' evaluation. The announcement of the results at all stages, fall to the Review Board that is chaired by the Academic Director. This committee endorse these results prior to their annoucement.

The training is modular, and assessments are carried out as follows:

  • Continuous Controls;
  • Official Review DAC (Civil Aviation Department)

After a few years of experience, and with demonstrating his professional skills, Mechanic Maintenance Aircraft / Aerospace Maintenance Technician Class "A" can take the DAC exam to obtain Bachelors B1 or B2 that are required. The aim being, the whole work can be validated and the APRS can be referred. (Approval For delivery service)

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