Training Overview

Being able to develop a training plan

Duration of the training:
Head or in charge of Training, Project manager training, Head of training engineering
  • Participatory Approach
  • Specific cases and simulations
  • Define the goals of the training plan, and the monitoring indicators
  • Consistency with the corporate strategic goals
  • Definition of goals, in terms the skills and performance improvement
  • Definition of the success criteria, and the approval procedures
  • Establishing the training plan
  • The priorities of the training plan, and the concerned staff
  • Selection of action or group of actions: implementing the plan into concrete actions
  • Implementation Timeframe: shortterm, and mediumterm plans
  • Forsee the outcome budget, and funding modalities
  • internal aspect: physical and human resources, salaries and expenses.
  • external aspect: training procurement, etc.
  • Approve the training plan
  • Approval coming from Companies boards, and the training functional departments