Training Overview

Qualifying Training
Training Overview

The warehouse operator moves, and stores destocks, charge and discharge handling unhis with forklifts cantilever or retractable mast.It uses a cart in line with the handling unhis to support while respecting the safety instructions. Also, it provides the first level maintenance of his truck.Loads handled by the warehouse operator are diverse. But in most cases, they are palletized. They can be heavy and/or bulky. In some activities, the warehouse operator can be required to handle hazardous materials.The warehouse operator is called, more and more frequently, to use a computer system to search for information and enter data relating to the operations carried out.

After the training, the laureate will be able to execute the following activities:
  • Carry controls the taking and end position
  • Move loads with a transporter
  • Store and destocking in height with a load handling machine
  • Load and unload a vehicle with a transporter
  • Make servicing of handling equipment
Age Restriction: 18 years minimum
School level required: 3rd year of college education
Qualities and skills the candidate must have:
  • Professional awareness
  • Sense of organization
  • Methodical
  • Autonomy
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Team work
  • Permanent concern for safety.
  • Ability to use the means of handling manual and mechanized
Training selection methods:
  • Preselection
  • Assessment based on test batteries
  • Individual interview
  • The training is modular, and assessments are carried out as follows:
    • continuous Controls;
    • Culminating examinations;
    • End of training examination.
    The operator can work in a warehouse storage warehouse, a warehouse, a storage platform or a production plant.He can be said, after years of experience in a position of warehouse agent, warehouse manager, team leader or logistics technician.

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