Training Overview

Qualifying Training
Training Overview

The Editor truquiste in Audiovisual involved in the post-production phase of an audiovisual product. He provides both assembly, rigging and dressing a film independently or under the supervision of a director, a producer or art director.The truquiste Editor is responsible for the final appearance of the product. He should perfectly control the post-production tools available and be able to adapt to other tools.Upstream, he should inquire of the project with the director or producer, and respect the specifications and deadlines for the project. He is used most often by the audiovisual production and post-production companies, or within television channels. He may also exercise independently.

After the training, the laureate will be able to execute the following activities:
Support Project
  • Participate in pre production meetings
  • Analyze and interpret a specification   
  • Read and interpret a storyboard
  • Assess working time
  • Propose ideas   
  • Communicate clearly with his interlocutors   
  • Managing stress and reassure the customerAt the completion Technique   
  • Install and configure a virtual editing governed   
  • Make arrangements for short or long term   
  • test and calibrate colors   
  • Achieve digital special effects   
  • Pilot graphic skins   
  • Encoding a signal for different media
  • Deliver PAD (ready to broadcast)
  • Age Restriction: No limit
    School level required: Diploma of Baccalaureate Diploma or 2nd year undergraduate, accompanied by a degree or a certificate in the field of audiovisual, art, ...Technical Prerequisites:   
  • Computer Basics   
  • Practical computer graphics software   
  • Concepts in visual arts: drawing, photography, video   Qualities and skills the candidate must have to access this training are:   
  • Anaytical and synthetical mind   
  • Creative spirit   
  • Autonomy   
  • interpersonal skills   
  • Good level of French language in written and spoken   
  • Stress resistance   
  • Listening skills   
  • Strong adaptability   
  • Ability to work in team

  • Training Selection Methods:
  • Preset on examination of the application   
  • Tests and selection interviews
  • During the training program, the modules are evaluated by continuous controls upon their completion. After the training program, a review is organised, following which a certificate is issued to successful candidates
    After several years of successful experience, the truquiste Editor can change, depending on their abilities and motivations to function:
    • postproduction manager
    • Chief editor
    • Director

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