Training Overview

Degree Training
Training Overview

The "Composite Materials Technician in Aerospace" performs very diverse tasks from the preparation of semi-finished products to destructive or non-destructive testing of maufactured parts. He can intervene at all stages of the production process of a composite material part. He operates at companies specializing in aeronautics whose "composite" activity can be a very important part of the production, or on the contrary, a rather marginal activity.The companies where he operates have one or several quality certifications (ISO 9001, EN 9100, EASA Part 21, etc.), that implies constraints for high quality and traceability.

After the training, the laureate will be able to execute the following activities:
  • Manage the organization of the workstation
  • Prepare semifinished products and tools
  • Drape parts
  • Manage cooking items
  • Check the part or material
  • Participate in quality management workshop
Age Restriction: 30 years old
School level required: 2nd year Baccalaureate in scientific or technical
Qualities and skills the candidate must have:
  • Sense of responsibility, organization and discipline
  • Sense og autonomy, analysis, creativity and initiatives
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Selfcontrol, passion for technology and ambition for career development

Training Selection Methods:
  • Guidance form to fill out
  • Admission Tests
  • The training is modular, and assessments are carried out as follows:
    • Continuous Controls;
    • Culminating examinations;
    • passing examinations;
    • End of training examination.
    After a few years of experience, and with demonstrating his professional skills, Materials Technician Aerospace Composites can move to head of workshop, office procedures or testing laboratory positions .

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